Redefining Fleet Tracking For Independent Cable Operators
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When it comes to GPS vehicle tracking, SageQuest understands the special needs of cable operators like no one else in the industry. We know that the most important things to you are keeping your customers happy and keeping the cost of doing business under control.

Learn how we can help you:

  • Control operating costs through reduced idle time, integrated fuel card reporting and performance benchmarking
  • Spend less time calling drivers by utilizing our Garmin integration
  • Use vehicle location for real-time visibility, payroll accuracy and billing validation
  • Measure and manage aggressive driving behavior to ensure employee safety, while safeguarding your company‚Äôs reputation

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Our biggest savings come from reduced idling. The savings add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year since we launched the SageQuest solution. We actually reduced idle time by a third compared to the previous year.

Gary Withey Time Warner Cable, Albany
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